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Broadcast Transmitter Training

Our transmitter training courses were designed with your specific training needs in mind.

Students are quizzed after every module to highlight areas of difficulty that may need further discussion.

Each of our transmitter training courses include the following modules:

Product Overview

  • Transmitter features
  • Recommended site test equipment
  • Helpful information sources

Site and Pre-Installation

  • Dimensions/footprint and cooling
  • Recommended clearances
  • Suggested minimum antenna specifications
  • Assembly details
  • Remote control and monitoring connection schemes

Theory of Operation

  • System overview, including the exciter, the RF power stage, the RF combiner/output filter, AC/DC power supply, and the control/monitor
  • Systematic study

Testing and Adjustment

  • Test equipment
  • Common tests demonstrated with transmitter
  • Special adjustments detailed

Operating Instructions

  • Safety instructions
  • Locks and interlocking
  • Electric static discharge

System Level Troubleshooting

  • Maintenance
  • Information sources
  • Alarms
  • Parts replacements

Component Level Troubleshooting

Components, Part Lists, and Wiring Route Sheets

  • Original equipment manufacturer
  • Family tree
  • Parts

Course Overview

  • A written final examination
  • Course overview
  • Discussion
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