Troubleshooting Tips

You’ve likely landed on this page because something is not working right for your NUG/RF Toolkit account. Please review the following troubleshooting tips, if nothing helps please use our Feedback Form.


  • CAUSE: Email caught by your SPAM filter
    • SOLUTION: Check your SPAM/Junk email folder.
    • SOLUTION: Add [email protected] to your email contacts, or Safe senders list. This will allow your mail client to recognize future emails and deliver them to your Inbox.
  • CAUSE: Email caught by your Firewall, Content Filter, or Email Security Policy
    • SOLUTION: Check if your firewall or virus scan is blocking the email notifications.
    • SOLUTION: Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Corporate IT department and ask that emails from [email protected] be added to the email whitelist and not blocked.
  • CAUSE: Typo in registered email address
    • SOLUTION: Try registering again with the same email address. If you were successful the first time the system will give an error that the account already exists. But now you know you did not have a typo in the email address! Time to try something else.


  • CAUSE: Using wrong password
    • SOLUTION: Click “Change/Forgot Password” link
  • CAUSE: Using wrong Username or Email Address
    • SOLUTION: Use your current email address to try logging in again
    • SOLUTION: Setup an alternate email address in a different domain, like or Use this new email address to re-register.