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Legacy AUI Access

UPGRADE TO v1.02 TODAY – Previous versions NOT supported

The Nautel Legacy AUI Access app provides full access to the legacy (Flash) AUI. It replaces browser access that required the soon-to-be deprecated Adobe Flash Player plugin. Remove Flash from your computer today.

The standalone app runs on Windows 7 and above, and macOS 10.10 and above: simply extract and run.

Nautel Legacy AUI Access for macOS Nautel Legacy AUI Access for Windows


  • Zero transmitter changes
  • Multiple window support
  • Transmitter IP list for quick access
  • Secure
  • Windows and macOS
  • Simple install: extract and run
  • Free

Windows Installation – correct ZIP extraction

On Windows, double-clicking on a zip file only enables to you view its contents, but it does not extract it, so you will encounter an Adobe AIR error. To extract the zip, right-click on it and choose Extract All (unless you have WinZIP installed, in which case use that) and follow the prompts as outlined in the Release Notes. Detailed Windows Installation Steps

Minimum Requirements

While we recommend the latest software builds for our transmitters, the AUI app requires software released in or after February 2016 due to an Adobe update-related fix:

Get the latest app release from the Nautel FTP site, including an installation and use guide.

Watch the Transmitter Talk Tuesday webinar on the Nautel Legacy AUI Access app on YouTube.

HTML5 AUI Information

About the App

The app was developed for Nautel by Veriskope, specialists in Adobe technology, and encapsulates Veriskope Boost, Adobe AIR, and Adobe Flash Player technology.

Linux Info
User tests indicate that the AUI App seems to run under Wine. However, as this may require distro-specific adjustments to run (such as font installation), this use is NOT supported, so please no support calls.

Adobe Flash Player Removal: uninstall steps provided by Adobe