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Legacy AUI Access App – Windows Installation

The Challenge

Windows’ default action when a ZIP file is double-clicked is not to extract it, but rather to let you view the files inside it. To make matters worse the presentation of a compressed file and or the extracted folder look identical.

What Happens if You Double-Click the ZIP File (Don’t Do this!)

If you are viewing a compressed folder and double-click on the app executable, it first warns you “This application may depend…

Double-click on ZIP result

If you then choose , you will eventually encounter “This application requires a version of Adobe AIR which…“.

Choose Run after double-click on ZIP
If this what you are seeing the ZIP has not been extracted. Follow the steps below for a successful installation.

How to Successfully Extract ZIP Files on Windows (and install the app!)

1. Locate the app ZIP in your Downloads folder

1. ZIP file in Downloads folder

2. Right-Click on the ZIP and choose [Extract All]

2. Choose Extract All from right-click menu

3. Choose a location for the app folder, e.g. your Desktop

3. Create App folder on Desktop

4. AUI app files are extracted to a new folder called “NautelLegacyAUIAccess”

4. AUI App files extracted to folder

5. Double-click or right-click and choose [Open] to run the “Nautel Legacy AUI Access.exe” file

5. Right-click to choose Open

6. If “Windows protected your PC” is shown choose [More Info]

6. Windows Defender message

7. Click the [Run anyway] option

7. Windows Defender - Run anyway

8. Legacy AUI Access App is running!

8. Nautel Legacy AUI Access App running