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Site Care

Software Updates, Security, RDS & Air Flow


Hey folks! Here we are well into November, there’s snow reported in northern latitudes and at higher elevations further south and…

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Staying Grounded


Before I get started, I received several responses to the comments on “critter control” in my previous article providing valuable resources…

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Critter Control & Air Handling


Before they threw me to the ground and put this sales shirt on me, many of you will know I spent…

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Safety, Air Handling & Critter Control


Hey folks, it’s hard to believe we are in September already! It seems like just yesterday that I was hoping for…

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Can You Hear Me Now? LTE Interference.


Can You Hear Me Now? LTE Interference. This article deviates significantly from my usual Tips & Tricks. The subject is much…

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Air Handling, Winterizing & Weatherproofing


Over the years, regular readers of this column will have seen articles on air handling, winterizing and weatherproofing transmitter sites and…

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Transmitter Site Maintenance and Housekeeping


It’s mid-summer, my busiest time of year and between trade shows, customer visits, the day job and the list of projects…

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More Tips from the Road


Happy ‘almost winter’ here in the northern hemisphere! I hope everybody has been busy getting their transmitter sites critter proofed and…

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Tips from the Road


Welcome to summer! We’re lucky that it happened on a weekend in this part of the Great White North this year…

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Prepping for an Absence


As many of you know, I co-engineer a local station in my infinite spare time. When the primary engineer takes a…

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