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Can You Hear Me Now? LTE Interference.


Can You Hear Me Now? LTE Interference. This article deviates significantly from my usual Tips & Tricks. The subject is much…

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A3 Board Surface Mount Components Fix & AUI Access


Happy end of summer to all; lightning season is starting to wind down over a good portion of the planet and…

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Install the Latest Software… Please!


Pre-NAB Radio Show / IBC issue already! Where has the time gone? It’s been a busy summer here, both in the…

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It’s an IP Enabled World…


I get a lot of calls from folks setting up network access to their equipment – some on closed networks, and…

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Checking Ground Radial Integrity / Making a Quarter Wave Stub


Checking Ground Radial Integrity without Digging Last issue I threw out a little challenge – promising swag to the first responder…

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Make Your Own Clamp-on RF Current Probe


With the rush to get ready for NAB and the mayhem of the show floor, rather than coming up with something…

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What You Need to Know Before Calling Nautel


As many of you know, I started at Nautel (almost 23 years ago, which I guess makes me a mere novice…

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How to Make ‘Roll Your Own’ Carbon Ball Gaps


While I was at the NAB Radio Show in September, someone asked me for more information on the carbon balls I…

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The Ideal Surge Protector Location for Lightning Protection


In the course of roaming around the country doing trade show exhibits, presenting to SBE chapters and visiting customers, I still…

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Fixing AUI Lockups & the Importance of Software Updates


Not too long ago, we got an email from a customer who’d created a simple, yet elegant, solution to the occasional…

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